Consortia for Learning and Service to Special Populations (CLASSP)

The Consortia for Learning and Service to Special Populations (CLASSP) provides high school and college students with meaningful professional development and work experiences to embark on careers in fields such as education, recreation, social work, and psychology.

High School CLASSP is designed for.
junior and senior high school students who are interested in learning about special populations and in exploring careers in education, recreation, social work and psychology. The program includes 15 hours of college-level instruction and 150 hours of supervised field experience. Advanced CLASSP is designed for young professionals currently enrolled in a post-high school program, and includes 30 hours of college-level instruction and 300 hours of supervised field experience. Participants successfully completing either program will receive a stipend and college credit.

The goals of the CLASSP program are:
To engage and educate teens and college-aged students for service within programs that service individuals with special needs.
To increase awareness in job opportunities available when choosing a career path.
To increase the range of socialization and positive role modeling for children and adults having special needs.
To provide opportunities for teens and college-aged students to develop job skills and training.
Each fall, the Y accepts applications from motivated and caring students into this competitive program. Over the course of the academic year, participants intern in a program for youth with autism while engaging in classes and coursework delivered by course instructors from Ramapo for Children. Upon completion, high school students receive one college credit and a stipend, and college students receive three to six credits and a stipend.

CLASSP is made possible by the J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation.

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