Fitness Center Membership and Fees

TypeInitiation Fee for New MembersAnnual Fee Cost per yearMonthly Fee Cost per month
25 to 59 years old
Total per year: $324
Young Adult
14 to 24 years old
Total per year: $240
60+ years old
Total per year: $180
Adult Couple
Couple sharing address
Total per year: $432
Senior Couple
Couple sharing address, 60+ years old
Total per year: $300

Family Membership entitles one guardian to full access to the Y’s Fitness Center in addition to providing discounts for one child in many of our programs like Be Me, Camp Twelve Trails, Birthday Parties, Hudson Cliffs Baseball League, and more. 

Yearly membership fees for Family Memberships (effective for programs starting Summer 2023) are:
• One child in program: $450
• Two children in Y programs: $500

Add a second Fitness Center membership for one additional guardian for only $50.

Rodger Ramallo
Physical Education & Fitness Director
212-569-6200 x255

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