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Subhead text goes here. It may have one line or two.

In-line Heading 5

Before copying and pasting your paragraph text here, please make sure it has no style formatting. MIMIO TIP: One way to remove any style formatting is to copy and paste your text from a Google or Word doc into the body of an email, and then toggle the “Format Text” button to “plain text.”  This will cause a prompt to ask if you want to remove the HTML formatting. Select Yes.

To bold or Italicize content, use the features in the text editor box. MIMIO TIP: I don’t recommend using the “Add media” feature. Use an image placement widget instead. And then if you have more text, insert another text box after the text box in the column.

In-line Heading 6
  • I’m an example of a bullet
  • Another bullet goes here
  • Another bullet goes here
  • You need to use the text code editor to add a
  • tag after the bullet section, otherwise it will not have a space between the last bullet and the beginning of the following section.

Here is the next section with the tag coded into the text code editor.

Animated Y Subhead

The other elements on this page consist of the image/video header at the top of the page; the SUB NAV that is coded to subtly drop in from behind the header; a sample image slideshow in the right column; a sample image with scrolling effects in the right column; and the Get Involved widget below. To swap out a widget, click the “+” sign on the tab at the top of the Get Involved widget and select the middle icon (grey circle with the icon of a file folder), and select from the widget options.

The main navigation and footer are coded on the Wordpress backend to appear on every page. To edit elements in the header or footer, go to the Wordpress left side bar on the dashboard, click Templates. From there you can do a search for “Y site Header” or “Y site footer.” However, please be mindful to not ever delete the HTML code.

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Get Involved

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