Shamayim Challenge

The Y’s Norman E. Alexander Center for Jewish Life is excited to share with you the Shamayim Challenge for people of all ages!

As we celebrate Jewish holidays and traditions throughout the year, we will explore vegan — plant-based — cooking with delicious recipes and discuss compassion for animals from a Jewish perspective, as well as plant-based alternatives to avoid food allergies. Converting traditional Jewish recipes to a plant-based version can be better for personal health and is better for the planet, while still being delicious and fulfilling. We look forward to having you join us for our delicious hearty plant-based cooking lessons and celebrations.

Each session will introduce a theme with a new dish. Recipes will be shared in advance.

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For more information and questions about the curriculum and recipes, please contact Cyndi Rand, Jewish educator and creator of Bubbie’s Kitchen, at

Rabbi Ari Perten
Norman E. Alexander Center for Jewish Life Director

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